IDEA – Antistress & Creativity Booster




IDEA is the highly powerful binaural listening program, provided by Sail In A Moment approach, and based on American scientific researches.

It is a result of 30+ years of experience in electroacoustic with aim to improve humans’ mental well-being. The binaural listening method is known for over 100 years, but only in recent decades due to its great benefits it has become cutting-edge powerful tool that positively effect human change and growth. It works in the dimension of the brain activity and it’s also called a “brain-building program”.

We perceive the world through the brain activity which takes place either within the logical – left brain hemisphere, or within emotional (intuitive) – right brain hemisphere. It seldom includes both brain hemispheres simultaneously to the same extent. That´s the reason why different people experience the same situation differently depending on the level of connection between their brain hemispheres. Therefore they can be either too emotional or too logical, rational in judging the situation they face. Whatever the case such perception is not holistic and enables to experience just fragments of certain situation which often times leads to stress, anxiety, worrying, depression and other psychological and physical imbalances. The more you are stressed the stronger disconnection between brain hemispheres what narrows down your perception and you are more likely to get stuck in your default automatic thinking mode without seeing the way out. Only well-balanced brain (brain hemispheres work in harmony) can provide a perception of a situation from many different angles giving you a holistic view with endless possibilities and solutions. Consequently that state of mind contributes to your overall sense of well-being, happiness, prosperity and success, both mentally and physically.

IDEA synchronizes the activities of both brain hemispheres and by doing so helps you gain holistic creative experience of a life situation. It offers us a “new pair of glasses” that help you align your responses in a way that exclude automatic negative reactions such as stress, fear, or anger. As you continuously listen to the IDEA program you can experience many positive effects such as

  • stress relief
  • increased creativity
  • pain control
  • enhanced learning ability 
  • focus attention
  • better sleep
  • increased memory
  • emotional resilience
  • hormones regulation
  • blood sugar balancing
  • dramatic improvement of mental and emotional health

In parallel, you start perceiving an expansion of awareness,  in a way that everything in life happens for a reason and for one’s higher purpose.

The Secret Of World-Famous Creatives & Meditation Gurus Can Be Yours With IDEA

Many world-famous creatives like Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein knew that the portal to creativity lies in the deep relaxed state of alpha brain waves. Therefore they used the power of brain waves to elicit their creative potential. IDEA operates by transmitting set of tones over the headphones to users’ ears. Every ear receives a different tone with different frequency what pushes one´s brain to balance the difference between those two tones which stimulates synchronization of both brain hemispheres, opening the way for creativity flow.


Additionally, IDEA offers a multi – dimentional experience, corresponding with the state of consciousness that usually appears in the late stage of traditional meditative practice (after 10 years of meditation or more). IDEA stimulates your brain through all stages of brain activity from beta (awake state), alpha, theta and ultimately to delta stage of brain electrical activity. Expansion of awareness and overall sense of well-being are experiences connected with the IDEA practice.

Brain waves range offered in IDEA experience:

Beta waves

Beta waves

12 – 15 wobbles in second (12-50 Hz)

the awake state

Alpha waves

Alpha waves

8- 12  Hz

the deep relaxed state, the state before sleep

Theta waves

Theta waves

4 – 8 Hz

meditative state, REM (rapid eye movements) phase, dreaming

Delta waves

Delta waves

1 – 4 Hz

deep meditation, sleeping without dreaming



How many  levels does the IDEA have?


IDEA as WELL-BEING ACCELERATOR is an integral development program which consists of 4 levels: 

IDEA – Beginner Level

RADIANCE -Intermediate Level

INSIGHT- 1 – Advanced  Level

INSIGHT – 2 – Mastering Level

What is the difference between every level?


Every level consists of 4 stages. Each stage gives its “dosage” of stimulation that is gradually increasing with every next stage. In that way, the brain receives more intense stimulation, producing new neural connections, neurotransmitters, that enable the brain to function in theta and delta patterns in the awake state.

Can I skip levels to get results faster?


It´s not recommendable to skip levels, because brain is not able to accept too strong stimulation. In the same way you start building your muscles by gradually increasing the weight, your brain also needs gradual stimulation. That´s why this program is also called “brain-building program”

How long does each stage last?


Each stage comes in the form of an audio file with average duration of 20 minutes. You are advised to listen to the audio regularly every day, best in the morning right after awakening or in the evening prior to sleep, but twice a day is also fine.

How long do I need to listen each stage?


It depends on your mental state, but average duration is between 6-8 weeks per stage when you listen one time daily. That means that each level last approx. 24-32 weeks.

How often should I listen to the program?


Program should be listened to at least once per day. Recommended is listening twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

How do I know that I am ready for the next stage?


Time needed until a listener can advance to the next stage of the program is approximately 2 months. In case you have listened to your current stage regularly (at least once per day) for 6-8 weeks, you should start experiencing the following while listening:

a) You do not become sleepy any longer

b) You do not feel any kind of nervousness or discomfort

c) You seem not to feel any kind of effect from the program.

When all of the above become valid, it means you are ready to start listening to the next stage.

How long will it take to go through the whole IDEA program?


That´s very individual and it depends on your daily practice and commitment to the program. The whole program is designed to provide you ongoing complementary support from us till the end of the program regardless of its duration.

What´s the best position for listening to audio files?


It´s recommendable to listen to the program in comfortable sitting position (do not lie down) where you won´t be disturbed.

Which steps should I take to get the best results from the IDEA?


Plug in the headphones into the device where you have previously stored IDEA – e.g. an mp3 player, a tablet, a laptop, mobile phone etc. Play the adequate stage depending on your current level. Adjust the volume so that the reproduced sounds are comfortable, as if you were listening to the rain throughout an open window. Binaural tones have been masked by the sound of rain, and in the early levels can not be noticed whilst listening. As the program starts playing, close your eyes, relax and focus your attention to your breathing to mentally separate yourself from a distracting external environment.

Do tones carry any messages?


No. IDEA does not contain any subliminal (below our conscious awareness)  information or messages. Tones you receive through each ear contain certain combination of sine wave tones, causing the two brain hemispheres to communicate and brain starts working as a whole in its full capacity. There’s a sound of rain added to IDEA that focuses your attention to something without (concrete) specific content (so called “Ganzfeld Effekt” – whole field effect). Its monotonous sound of rain has also relaxing effect.

What kind of headphones should I use?


IDEA should be listened to only through stereo headphones. It’s recommended to use good quality music headphones, such as shown on Picture no. 1. . However, basic stereo headphones such as on Picture no. 2 can be used as well. Headphones on the Picture no. 3 are not suitable for listening to the IDEA program.  Also, the program will not have any effect if listened to over stereo speakers.

Is it the same as meditation?


IDEA stimulates your brain through all stages of brain activity from beta (awake state), alpha, theta and ultimately to delta stage of brain electrical activity, which appear in the late stages of meditation after 10+ years with the effects visible as emotional, mental and spiritual growth. IDEA is much simpler than traditional meditation, because you don´t need to learn how to train your attention to your breathing, body or by repeating mantra, but you can achieve  emotional, mental and spiritual growth more quickly.

Do I need to have prior meditative experience?


No prior experience is required.

Does it carry any harmful side effects?


It does not carry any harmful side effects. Any discomfort that might appear during IDEA program it is a sign of releasing all tension that is accumulated in one’s nervous system.

I´d like to enhance my learning abilities. Can IDEA help me?


Absolutely.  Studies from 1960 and 1970 showed that alpha brain waves, which are induced by binaural listening enhance learning ability with grater long-term information retention. Also different brain waves patterns are related to better concentration, problem solving and creativity.

As a life coach I sometimes find challenging to keep focus and presence during coaching session on the same high level. Can I enhance concentration and  presence with IDEA?


Yes. Brain synchronization that is stimulated by IDEA increases focus, alertness and expands awareness which are of great importance for enhancing coaching skills and beyond.

Can IDEA help with hormones regulation?


Yes. Continuous listening of IDEA can positively effect hormones production and regulation like endorphin, melatonin, DHEA which is responsible for resistance to illness, what means that  IDEA improves health.

Can person with mental issue use IDEA?


Persons with mental health issues should consult their health practitioner prior the usage of the IDEA program.

If we haven´t answered all your questions, feel free to reach us anytime.

We are happy to assist.