Yesterday´s informal get-together of coaches inspired me to start writing after a long time. We have discussed trends in coaching and authenticity in online/offline communication. The discussion really moved my sleepy wish to write an article, perhaps because it relates to online presence – the one I keep resisting to get along with. Prior to that meetup I was dwelling about the topic and the right moment to shape my thoughts into a virtual paper and share them with the world. Since expressing myself verbally is something I really enjoy, I´ve never considered writing as a tool for thoughts expression, and honestly I was quite hesitant to do it. I rarely write my blog (often ask myself why on Earth I have one?) or use social media as a channel for thoughts sharing.

Conclusion of discussions from our meetup was two-fold. One, all agreed that the value of face to face conversation in coaching setting is irreplaceable. Second, no one could deny the big advantages online (or digital) presence can provide to coaches globally. And since online presence today is as inevitable as it is useful, no matter how much more comfortable I may feel in offline communication space, why not give online a try through writing? Especially because writing was the last thing on my list to dive in.

So, I decided to stretch my abilities in that area too. Will I succeed or fail miserably? What do success or failure really mean? How does a well-written post even look like? Is it about the process or about the final product? Is it in the eyes of a reader or of a writer? What is actually important for me when it comes to writing? Questions interesting enough to elicit curiosity and kick me into a search for answers.

The most empowering moment was to leave that comfort company of my verbal playground and dive into a writing dimension – a place where I didn’t feel at home. Deep down I knew it´s not about writing at all, it´s about doing something new and challenging with an uncertain outcome.

At one point, I noticed a little inner voice saying: What if I write the worst post people have ever read?! Then I kept asking myself: Is that voice stopping me from writing? Is possibility to fail and scr** things up totally preventing me to finally sail out into a writing adventure?

The most deliberating and extremely terrifying moment was to say YES to myself: I am ready to mess it up, fail and write the worst and most boring post ever, and finally to press “Publish”! 🙂

Although experienced many times before, that moment of surrender to the unknown and being not attached to the outcome, dressed up in a feeling of deliberation, was once again the most magnificent of everything I sensed. That´s the beauty of being completely open to face anything that unfolds in whatever shape and form. Safety never elicits growth. Only unpleasantness of not knowing, paired with having no expectations where that unpleasant moment will lead next, can generate new paths and open new horizons. 

Okay, that was my first blog post after a long time. What will the readers (if any!) say? Does it really matter?

What matters is that I jumped into writing and faced something I didn´t like.

My writing experiment is not anything new and original and it doesn´t need to be. And it´s not about writing at all. It´s about going where you are scared and uncomfortable…. embracing it, instead of running away from it.

Result? A taste of freedom and joy after I did it!

What is on your list of terrifying things? Are you ready to experiment with it?

And if this post manages to trigger at least one reader to jump into what is last on his/her list of terrifying things, what really scares him/her, it will already be an amazing success.

Curious to read your stories or hear from you!